Masterclass Brain & Mind leadership

Changing behavior is a master of course

This approach leads to a clear direction, empowerment of your people with tangible results

Changing Behavior as a matter of course

In the book Brain & Mind Leadership, you gain knowledge of how the Brain & Mind work together. This knowledge gives you crucial insights on how to make a habit of behavioral change. The brain & Mind approach, shows that you can better manage yourself or, rather, your brain through awareness development. This ensures sustainable results because you don’t learn a trick but tackle behavioral change at the source. In the masterclass, we will elaborate on the insights of this book.

The Masterclass offers you a unique opportunity to work with the author to increase your knowledge of the brain and consciousness, which simultaneously gives your power of action an enormous boost.

What is the brain & mind approach?

The Brain & Mind approach connects neuroleadership with spirituality and consciousness development. Neuroleadership integrates knowledge of how the brain works into leadership and personal development. When you know and use how your brain and everyone else’s brain works, you can bring about behavioral change.

Unfortunately, positively influencing your own brain is hampered because we are often lived by the delusion of the day. We are not conscious enough. That is why we add consciousness development to the Brain & Mind approach. This makes you more in control of your own destiny and enables you to bring about sustainable behavioral change in yourself and others.

Waarom deze online Masterclass volgen?

  • It increases your basic understanding of how to harness the workings of the brain;
  • You get insights why this approach leads to a clear direction, empowerment of your people, and tangible results;
  • Unique opportunity to engage directly with the author;
  • Together with other readers and the author, you’ll go deeper;
  • Ask questions about the Brain & Mind approach.

General information


Tuesday, April 20, 1:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.

For whom?

Managers, doctors, therapists, trainers, coaches, etc. For anyone who deals with behavior change daily in work.


€ 299,- excl btw. (€ 361,79 incl. btw)

Number of participants

Maximum 12


Guido de Valk will be hosting this Online Masterclass.

The author and the masterclass leader

As a physician, Guido became captivated by the connection between how our brains work and behavior. He became aware that brain knowledge is crucial for the right leadership. In 2008, he founded De Valk Leadership Company. He is an expert in applying brain knowledge and awareness development for behavior change with twenty years of experience. He has written some books on this subject. So in February 2021, his newest book ‘Brain & Mind Leadership | Changing behavior is a matter of course” was released.

His credo: ‘Be aware of what you give attention to, because what you give attention to grows.’


Online Masterclass

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